Camping / Accommodation in the desert

In the hidden valley among the Argan trees are hidden accommodation complexes for a
unique private experience.
In your desert corner you are invited to enjoy the tranquility, the view and the million stars.
A personal tent can be set up in each complex.
At guests’ disposal: hammock, fire place, table and mattresses.
In the foyer: seating areas, toilets, power points for charging appliances, a hot drinking area
and a sink for washing dishes.
* The accommodation center is accessible to the disabled, as are some of the insulators.

Dear guests, please note ♥ – in order to maintain a pleasant stay, we ask you to accept a few

  • Pets are not allowed on the farm, including dogs.
  • There is no electricity and lighting in the complexes.
  • Do not turn on generators or any other accessory other than personal flashlights.
  • Do not play music.